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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Poor Little Bitch Girl - Jackie Collins

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Basically, this book follows the drama of a few young women including pregnancy, murder, prostitution, friendship, kidnapping and sex. Obviously NOT a YA book, its sort of like a soap opera on paper.
Review: Eh, not really what I expected. I enjoyed how all the stories intertwined and the girls knew each other from one story to another but each had their own drama and plot to follow. The characters were well developed and it was easy to associate with them since they were all around my age, but the variation in lifestyles certainly made it interesting to read. However, I like books with a big climax and with more peaks of interest, and I felt like this was almost a bit monotone throughout. There was nothing that made me stay up late wanting to read it. I think if you are the type of person that reads romance novels, you might appreciate this book a little more than I did.

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