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Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello there!
I decided to start this blog because I read WAY too much not to share my recommendations and opinions. I'll be honest, my favorite genre is Young Adult, particularly if its fantasy. However, from time to time I will read the occasional adult book so please don't fear this is a blog only about vampires and teen love. Another confession? I more often than not listen to audiobooks. Having a baby makes reading time sparse, so I listen to them before bed and while cleaning or working on my computer. There are actually some books that are much better when listened too, and I'll clue you in on those too. I also thought I might share my adventures in cooking. I usually start with a recipe and about 3 lines in give up and wing it. I figured that might be encouraging for all those out there that have zero attention span but a love for good food. If you hear of a book or recipe you'd like me to try first, shoot me an email! Thanks for reading!

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