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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book review: The Gardener - S.A. Bodeen

Don't waste your time with this one. I actually enjoyed the first 3/4 of this book but the ending stunk and I really wish there was more character depth and backstory.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Best freakin' gluten free cookies!

I just made the best gluten free, dairy free, egg free cookies. The texture is fluffy and moist and awesome!
Check it out:
  • 1-1/4 cups Bobs Red Mill GF All Purpose Baking Flour
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/2 tsp xantham gum
  • 1/2 cup Softened goats butter or other stick butter substitute
  • 1/2 cup Splenda
  • 1/4 cup Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup Apple Sauce
  • 1/2 smashed banana
  • 4-6 oz. Chocolate Chips


Step 1

Combine softened butter, brown sugar, Splenda and vanilla extract in a bowl.

Step 2

Add apple sauce and banana into mixture and combine.

Step 3

Add in baking soda, xantham gum, and gluten free flour. Mix until you get a doughy texture.

Step 4

Stir in chocolate chips.

Step 5

Drop rounded spoon fulls of dough onto a greased cookie sheet.

Step 6

Bake at 350 for 12-14 minutes until edges turn golden.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Book review: The Diviners - Libba Bray

A great novel that ties the fantastic 20s with magic and horror. This is the most unique plot line I've read in a long time and Libba Bray absolutely produces some of the best characters. I wish I was Evie! A definite must read for anyone that enjoys mysteries, YA, fantasy or Libba Bray!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mid-east meets mid-west soup

Made this delicious soup that combined my favorite comfort foods all into one: mujadara, bacon, and split pea soup. And it was sooo easy, and gluten/yeast/dairy/wheat free! Here's the recipe:

1 cup dried split peas
1 cup red lentils (or any color you want)
6-7 cups chicken stock
1 vidalia or sweet yellow onion chopped
4-5 handfuls fresh spinach
1/2 tsp cumin
Salt to taste

Bacon crumbles
Feta cheese crumbles

Mix all the main ingredients in a pot and simmer for about 30 minutes or less if you like your lentils a little firmer.
Serve with bacon and feta crumbles! Soooooooo rich and savory and tastes so much more fattening than it really is. :) enjoy!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easiest shepards pie!

I made a tasty shepards pie this evening from only 6 ingredients!
1lb ground beef
1 packet of onion soup mix
1 bag frozen mixed vegetables, thawed
1 tomato, chopped
1 bag of Idaho instant potatoes, prepared
Shredded Cheddar cheese

Brown the beef in a pan, drain grease, mix in onion soup mix, 1/4 cup of water, thawed vegetables, and tomato. (I also tossed in a handful of fresh spinach leaves.) Pour mixture in square casserole dish, cover with mashed potatoes. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, top with desired amount of shredded cheese, bake for 5 more minutes. Take out and let cool 10 minutes, DIG IN!

*even my picky toddler ate it!*

Friday, February 8, 2013

My most recent "Must Reads"

Hi there! Long time no see (or read.) Life was a bit crazy over the holidays with sick babies, sick mommies and daddies, and birthdays. So I'll make it short. Here's my list of books I've recently finished that I think you'll enjoy:

1. Across the Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis - This includes Across the Universe, A Million Suns, and Shades of Earth. What a fantastic new trilogy refreshingly unique from the Twilights, Shades of Gray, etc. This may just be the next Hunger Games. Love love love these novels.

2. Rotters by Daniel Kraus - Totally creepy but unique plot and thoroughly enjoyable. I had a hard time putting this down and was pleasantly surprised by the ending. This novel definitely satisfied my morbid side.

3. Firelight by Sophie Jordan - I really enjoyed this fantasy book and continued to read the sequel Vanish, but stopped there. I love the unique story and the imagery these novels provide. They're a nice merger between "dungeons and dragons' and the real world.

4. Delirium and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver - These were a great beginning to the trilogy that has me anticipating the third (not yet released.) An action packed dystopian plot keeps the reader interested and a believable main character keeps you wanting more.

5. The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth - This includes Divergent, Insurgent and Convergent. While I haven't yet read the third novel, I plan to soon. This is another great set of dystopian novels packed with action and a unique take on the future. Definitely sucks you in and keeps you reading.

6. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness - Initially I was thrown off by the historical aspects of this novel, but they became a beautifully intricate part of the plot that by the end I thoroughly enjoyed the little details. A nice take on the supernatural being of our planet. You can bet I will be reading the sequels soon!

Start with those... I'm currently listening to The Night Circus and will update you shortly. I'm sure I'm forgetting some I've read and loved, so I'll pass those along as soon as I remember!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Long awaited update...

I've been absent for awhile, I know! First it was holidays, now my babies are sick. So so sorry! In the meantime I've read some good books and had some good wine and I've decided I'm going to simplify things for my readers and myself. When I read or drink something worthwhile, I'll share it. No silly formats. I will just tell you what I liked, why and then you can decide whether you'd like to try it. I will post soon with my most recent discoveries. Thanks for your patience!