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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wordy Mama's Author Awards (my favorites and why)

Stephanie Meyer - Even if you don't love her books, you've still got to love Stephanie for one reason. She can emulate a teenage romance better than any writer I know. The first time I read Twilight, I was so enamoured I felt in a daze for weeks. The silly passions we have as teenagers are so intense and she put those crazy hormonal emotions into words. I felt like I was sixteen again absolutely believing the person I was dating was my soulmate and when we'd broke up, I'd cry for days so hard I'd throw up. Bella's complete entrancement with Edward is just that, except for them it just happens to work out. She does the same in The Host with an undeniable love that never falters. Although her male characters are slightly unrealistic (no man is that sensitive, romantic, thoughtful or protective) its absolutely what we imagine our Prince Charmings will be when we finally meet them. I bestow Stephanie with the "Teenage Fantasy" Award.

Neil Gaiman - Neil is one of the best fantasy writers I've ever followed. He has an incredible way of creating a completely believable fictional world. He's so successful at it that after reading Neverwhere I actually developed a passion to head to London, even if it is just to taste the air that inspired him to write it. Neil's The Graveyard Book makes me wish I believed in ghosts and that I lived near a graveyard so I could go searching for lost little children and buried treasure. He never lacks for details and his fantastical worlds are so captivating you can't help but want to get lost in them over and over again. I present Gaiman with the "Make-Believe I Was There" Award.

L.A. Meyer - Louis wrote (is writing) my favorite series of all time, the Bloody Jack books. A big part of what makes me love them so much is the heroine, Jacky Faber, who is always getting herself into trouble and then back out of it, typically with the help of friends. You can't help but fall in love with her adventures and secretly wish you lived that life, even if its full of lots of trouble and drama. Not only does Jacky have many adventures filled with adversaries and friends, but she also has a ton of male pursuers, which makes for just the right amount of lust and love in the series. Louis is so great at creating a loveable heroine that you envy even her faults. This is why I gift L.A. Meyer with the "Most Enviable Heroine" Award.

Suzanne Collins - While Suzanne doesn't have a huge base of books for me to make my opinions on, the Hunger Games trilogy is definitely quite awesome enough to mention. Her series sticks in my brain primarily because of the unique action scenes and drama. If Katniss's "fighter" attitude isn't enough to ensnare you, then the arena should be. The tricks, dangers and just plain awful circumstances that the contestants get stuck with are so captivating that you can't put the books down. And they don't end in the arena! Poor Katniss and the other characters are constantly plagued by appropriately believable trouble and this is what absolutely drives the readers to stay up late hours of the night reading "just one more chapter." I grant Suzanne with the "Fight 'Til the Last Page" Award.

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