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Friday, November 4, 2011

Reminder for a great must read....

I really can't stress enough the amazing-ness of the Bloody Jack books, especially in audio format. It truly is my favorite series, even above Harry Potter and Twilight (if you'll believe that!) If you're trying to find a great Christmas present for someone in your family who works on their computer for long hours, cleans often (I listen while I clean to make it go faster,) drives a lot of miles, or just likes listening to their iPod, definitely pick the first few up for them. I promise they will thank you later.
And seriously, audio is the only way if you can. Katherine Kellgren is one of the few women I'd LOVE to meet and take acting lessons from. She sings and reads in like 10 different absolutely believable accents and languages in both male and female.
Here are the links to the audio CDs if you don't use

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