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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wino Review: Aliança - Vinho Verde

Type: White
Name: Aliança - Vinho Verde
Location: Portugal
Review: Vinho Verde is a type of wine I've never heard of nor tried until this bottle, and what a pretty bottle it is! Love love love the branding/label, and thoroughly enjoyed the wine. Slightly dry and acidic but with a magical bit of carbonation, this white reminded me of a light, un-sweet prosecco. It was faintly citrus with some lingering apple-y notes and really would make a fantastic sipping wine for a hot summer day. In keeping with the "hot summer day" theme this would be best served with some fruit and cheese, but it did not strike me as a mealtime drink.


  1. Hi Whitney,

    Welcome to Vinho Verde "Family"...once tasted Vinho Verfde, you will not be able to stop drinking it:)

    Try Vinho Verde with whatever you want, of course, but please do not forget to match it with seafood...
    Hope to keep reading about Vinho Verde...

    1. A light seafood dish (grilled Tilapia or shrimp!?) would probably pair quite nicely!